At Monarch Air, we understand that you want the most economical solution to your home’s HVAC system, whether it’s completely new or needing replacement. We also know that your new home’s construction can be an exciting but possibly stressful time. So, we make it as easy as possible to find the best possible system for your home. And with over a decade in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Will Kennedy can do just that.

Deciding on the system type: The type of HVAC system you choose for your home is a long-term decision and can make a big difference in the costs and maintenance of owning your home. Buying the highest efficiency rating possible is great when looking toward the future but restoring your HVAC system to status quo could also be the best choice for your family, future plans and budget.

Getting the right size system for your home: To ensure no energy is wasted and your energy bills are lessened, you have to choose the right sized HVAC system for your home. It may sound nice to have your home cooled down in a matter of minutes, but a system that is too large may fry the AC compressor. Trust our HVAC professional to correctly size the system needed for your home.

Making the most out of your investment: To save on the costs of replacing your HVAC system, talk to our team at Monarch Air. Regular maintenance care and servicing can ensure your investment in your home is worth every penny.

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